MyAMC uses proprietary technology to identify the best appraiser for every assignment

MyAMC assists in underwriting interpretation and potential investor issues regarding appraisal challenges. The company was part of the early testing of Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter, an automated risk assessment tool, and can provide guidance in resolving challenges stemming from CU. ❤️ #share #mortgage


Ellie Mae’s Millennial Tracker prepares #lenders to serve young #homebuyers

The #mortgage industry is poised to experience a monumental shift as more Millennial #homebuyers begin to enter the market. There are roughly 87 million would-be #homebuyers in the Millennial generation and 91% of them say they intend to own a home one day. #lenders must prepare today to meet their needs. ❤️ #share #mortgage

#lenderLive partners with #lenders and servicers for compliant outsourced solutions

As compliance costs rise and regulators turn their attention to policing new standards, companies are evaluating all their options. By partnering with #lenderLive, a premier services provider, financial companies can take advantage of #lenderLive investments in compliance expertise, highly-qualified talent and technology, and benefit from its scale and best practices. ❤️ #share #mortgage

#lenders using Equifax trended credit data in Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter

Equifax has offered trended credit data to customers across a range of industries for years, and is excited that #lenders submitting loans to Fannie Mae can now use its trended data as part of the underwriting process. ❤️ #share #mortgage

Ditech Financial fined $1.4 million for “abusive debt collection practices” in Massachusetts

Ditech Financial will pay $1.4 million to the state of Massachusetts to settle charges that the company engaged in “abusive debt collection practices” by excessively calling borrowers to collect payment as well as not property notifying some borrowers of their #mortgage information, the state’s attorney general announced recently. ❤️ #share #mortgage

Wells Fargo heat turned up: Oregon wants big changes, California wants Stumpf to resign

The hot seat Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf currently resides on is nowhere close to cooling off, especially in the wake of Stumpf’s rough appearance Thursday before the House Financial Services Committee to discuss the bank’s fake account scandal. Now, two separate states are calling for significant changes at Wells Fargo, with one calling for Stumpf’s resignation. ❤️ #share #mortgage